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Tenuta Monte Laura / Product

Meats and Cheese

In Tenuta Montelaura, Irpini artisan cured meats and cheeses are used. All products are vacuum-packed individually once they have reached the right seasoning, to prevent them from drying individually.

Among the various specialties you will find:

  • Caciocavallo of red spotted cheese, of alpine brown
  • Pecorino Carmasciano
  • Pecorino bagnolese
  • Caprino
  • Soppressate
  • Flavored dry sausages
  • Capocollo
  • Pork back
  • Bacon
  • Mutton ham (subject to availability)

Availability may vary according to the season.


The wines

The Monte Laura estate cannot miss an extensive wine list with approx 3000 labels.
There are several display cases inside the dining room that contain vintage and collectible bottles, all divided by territory, province, region and nation, ready to be bought or tasted.

The choice may be recommended by our expert staff, AIS sommelier .

Availability may vary based on requests.