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Pompeii and Herculaneum

Tenuta Montelaura a soli 30Km da Pompei ed Ercolano


The destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum began way back in 62 A.C. with a disastrous earthquake, and while peoples of Pompeii were still providing for their reconstruction in 79 A.C., they saw a cloud shaped like a pine cone on the flutter of Vesuvius.

About ten o'clock the plug of solidified lava that blocked the release of eruptive material, broke itself under the pressure of the gas and broke in the air, turning into lapilli who, driven by the wind, began to fall on the area south-east of the volcano a radius of 70 km.

Pompeii was deposited a first layer of lapilli white, 1.2 m, then a second, 1.4 m of lapilli gray. "The rain continued for four days, accompanied by toxic fumes from gas and towards the end, falling ash, formed from the dust deposited on the edges of the crater open, continually falling into it, was thrust into the air by gas.


Pompei, Via dell'abbondanza

Supervened frequent earthquakes. Who had no way to escape, was suffocated by gas. Others being crushed from the roofs of houses collapsed under the weight of lapilli. It was a real tragedy.

The Emperor Tito instituted a commission for relief in Campania.But Pompeii remained hidden, even if the area is full burials and buildings based on the layer eruption.

The story detailed the tragic event, in its various stages, we were passed from one eyewitness exceptional Pliny the Younger, who, in two letters to Tacitus, upon request, describes the death of his uncle, Pliny the Elder, which occurred due to suffocation on the beach of Stabia.

Anfora, reperti scavi di ErcolanoThe excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum have revealed the greatest number of wall paintings of rare beauty, the finest among them are those of the Villa dei Misteri with grandiose allegorical and mythical figures, and Villa of the Papyri The digs are ongoing far, then Casa del Genio, Casa dello Scheletro, Casa dell’Albergo e Casa a Graticcio.


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