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Corso Roma a Forino, Avellino, Campania

Probably of Roman origin, the country was part of the Roman colony Venera Abellinatum Livia.Very probably the first settlers were implanted in the village castle, in a very important strategically and provided with natural defenses.

The area was affected by the passage of the great Roman aqueduct called Claudio "Fontis Augustan Acquaeductus. In the tract through Forino the aqueduct developed into a tunnel six miles, and then the excavation had to take several years and gave rise to permanent settlements in our valley. Besides the censor had allowed in those places, the nemus corilianum in order to develop agriculture. These considerations lead then to suppose that this is the time of formation of the community of Forino, although recent theories tend to anticipate many centuries its formation.

Like all the South, also was concerned Forino goes hand in hand in the various invaders. The most obvious signs of their passage were left by the Byzantines, with the worship of their patron Saint Nicholas. Successive then during feudalism Family Orsini, Villani, Cecere until you get to the Caracciolo.

During the reign of the Caracciolo there was a tragic event the terrible eruption of Vesuvius is compounded by several strong earthquakes occurred in 1631, devastated the lives of people in Forino. The people, who have poured in miserable conditions because he was the class that bore more the tax burden imposed by the feudal power, he was again struck by the events of earthquakes because of which lost their homes, livestock and crops. He had to find comfort and strength in the Christian faith. Legend has it that the people of Forino and cottages in the procession reached the church of S. Nicola on the castle in complete darkness because the sun was obscured by the rain of ash. The top of the hill was reached, under the "rain of ash and lapilli, by the people in prayer. During the celebration of the Mass ended the fall of ash and lapilli, the sky became clear again and Forino was saved. This is the legendary story that is handed down: certainly is that, for centuries, every year, the 14th day of March, the church of S.Stefano del Casale Palazza, a procession of the faithful who sing litanies old, carrying a man on the cross and reach the sanctuary of the thanks of escape from danger.

With its history Forino includes a set of monumental presences such as the Medieval town of Castello, where you can visit the beautiful Shrine of St. Nicholas, Piazza Tigli and Civic Tower, St. Michael's Cave on the slopes of Mount Faliesi, building and Castle Parise, Villa Picella, Palazzo Caracciolo, in addition to eleven churches of fine workmanship.


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