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Amalfi Coast

Costiera Amalfitana


The Amalfi Coast for its continuous change from creeks, beaches, natural caves, stretches over the sea, which reflects the green of the dense vegetation is among the most beautiful coasts of Italy.

The beauty of the places, the scent of citrus, especially lemons, they made itself one of the most preferred by tourists.

From Vietri to Sorrento is a succession of emotions, breathtaking landscapes of color tones that vary from hour to hour, and therefore make it absolutely unparalleled sea: a paradise.

Vietri Sul Mare

The tourist route is customary to begin from Vietri sul Mare, famous for its ceramics that decorate much of the city's buildings but also houses and villas all over the world. It comes after a hydrofoil from Maiori, Minori, small countries that are very characteristic full of tradition, and you get to Ravello, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the Amalfi Coast and still preserves the splendor of the past in the beautiful villas and churches as Villa Rufolo that each year hosts the Ravello Festival is known throughout the world.


We then proceed through Atrani, characteristic for its houses built on one another, to come to the beautiful and charming Amalfi, the first Sea Republic of Italy and forerunner of the Tabula Amalphitano, the first code of shipping, which with its Cathedral, an architectural complex consists of two basilicas put together and communicating, the crypt bottom, the staircase and atrium entrance, bell tower and cloister paradise is a destination for tourists from the undisputed worldwide.


No less important is the last town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, Positano, one of the most popular destinations for foreign visitors due to its wonderful location on the coast and the numerous handicraft shops with original creations reinvent swimwear.


The tour of the Amalfi Coast cannot end without making a detour to “La gentile” so named as the wonderful Sorrento, birthplace of the great actor-director Vittorio De Sica, and one of the most famous resort in Italy and not less famous for its citrus fruits, its woolnuts and its well-known works of inlaid wood.The city center and the Piazza Tasso along this beautiful church of S. Maria del Carmine, continuing meets the Dome of the fifteenth century, which is linked to the history of one of the most important figures in the history of Sorrento, in fact, precisely church was baptized Torquato Tasso. Behind the Cathedral of Sorrento you can admire the Roman arch, the sides of which hosts the sixteenth century walls built on the route of the Roman city after the city was attacked and plundered by pirates. Sorrento is also famous for the various events that take place throughout the year as the Premio Sirena D’Oro, a competition reserved for national oil DOP held in February, the Sorrento Festival, Jazz Fest, etc..



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