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Ricordiamo alla gentile clientela che la ristorazione è aperta solo per gruppi e cerimonie
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Local Products Irpini


The land of Irpinia is an area largely untouched and suited to the transformation of traditional local products, and thus of genuine products with a long history tied to the territory.

Among the countless cheeses Irpini most famous and unusual can count the King of Cheeses southern cattle as "Caciocavallo podolico. This is a cheese made with milk from only breed Podolia, a hardy breed that produces short and robust, but highly density, with hints of herbs are increasingly diverse, depending on the season and pasture that practice. Podolia, in fact, alternating at will grasses, fodder mallow, nettle, hawthorn, but also berries, strawberries and blueberries that give the cheese a deep yellow or straw color and a particular scent. Consistency is the classic cheese spun, but becomes brittle and flaky with prolonged aging.

Another particular value is the cheese do Carmasciano whose production area is that surrounding the town of Guardia Lombardi and Rocca San Felice. E 'cheese from the milk of sheep grazing in the area of mephitis derive from very fragrant herbs to causes fumes, the unmistakable aroma. It 'a cheese-ripening in a cool environment for about two months later seasons in the basement on wooden boards for at least six months, shows a hard crust, the color red in the final stage of maturing, firm cheese with a few holes of straw-colored with shades of pink, tangy flavor, slightly spicy and aromatic.

Finally, we can not forget the Pecorino Bagnolese, produced in the town of Bagnoli Irpino, Chiusano San Domenico and Volturara irpina. It 'a cheese matured at least twelve months, whose crust is thick and rich yellow color, the paste is pale yellow in color, firm, spicy flavor, especially in more mature forms, is consumed both for flavor pasta dishes, both from table accompanied by structured red wines.


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