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Ricordiamo alla gentile clientela che la ristorazione è aperta solo per gruppi e cerimonie
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Salami of Irpinia and Campania


Irpinia and Campania are intertwined issues of the pig farming culture. In all cases, until a few decades ago, in the kitchen of the peasant families, where winter never failed the fireplace, was enough to lift a bit 'eyes to see everything they could hang with the classic chestnut poles in blissful exposure smoke from the fire that inevitably came round the clock. And there was a stage point immediately eyes and nose, especially if the time was close to lunch or dinner. The scents that filled the environment were so many that once the landlord mentioned even a formal invitation to dine there we did not repeat twice and postponing any effort, there are very happy to stop for dinner or lunch, and sometimes for breakfast or for afternoon snack. In short, every moment was good to taste the delights of tradition. But what is the secret? There is no secret, except to put so much passion and a lot of work matched to the "know how" of our grandparents that we must never lose!It starts from the raw material that is from meat, which must be of pigs "who ate twice the apples," as my grandfather.Pillow It means that the piglet (suckling pig), born around Easter time, in fact, are programmed to determine the pairings of births at this time, arrived in October, the month of apples, more than six months, then another in October to more of a year and a half: that's how you get to the tonnage of animal duequintaliemezzo split and weighed! Guanciale Texture and maturation of meat are thus essential elements for achieving high quality products. Of course a lot depends on the diet that these animals must follow. The principle is the more varied the better. So the traditional use of feeding pigs according to seasonal availability is the cornerstone of the success of our typical meats.And so it is natural that in June, July and August, the feeding of wheat groats is complemented with pumpkins, courgettes and vegetable scraps, in September, October and November, replacing the staple food is maize flour groats integrates with apples, acorns and chestnuts. Then continue with the "menu" fattening: flour corn and scraps and mashed potatoes (the mash). Is also crucial to use to cook foods that are fed to pigs, this is because pigs have digestive un'apparato enough "approximate" in the sense that they can not easily digest everything they eat and much of what goes into manure. Now somebody will ask: How much does all this? Certainly much more than we could cost the best industrial product DOP, IGP, STP, or any other symbol you want to talk. Belly of porkVerrinie (pancette) And that's where the crux of the matter:the specifications should first differentiate products according to industrial craft from those aforementioned parameters and then go and assess other generic prescriptions. There is no sense going to compare a product unique (in the sense that there can be standardized), to an industrial product that however good it may be, there will be no different characterizations that will surely make a handmade product.


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