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Gastronomy in Campania


Campania is the region that the ancient Romans called it "Campania Felix" in homage to the fertility of the place and then the abundance qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the products of terra.Tali gave us a heritage recipes without eguali.The product of excellence in Campania is pasta.

In the richest parts of the region, namely the coastal zone is the dry one (paccheri, ziti, Mezzanelli, spaghetti, candles ...), while in the poorest countries (the interior) is cool (zuzzeri, cicatielli, Lagana, fusilli, maccaronaro ...) .

The pizza then, represents an emblem of Naples and Campania in the world.

Some meats (deleted irpina, Napoli salami, capicollo, ham, Verrina, sausage, beggar, 'nnoglia) and some cheeses (mozzarella di bufala DOP, caciocavallo cheese DOP, Carmasciano, Bagnolese pecorino, provolone del Monaco in Agerola) should enrich traditional resume.


Particular importance in regional cuisine bell assume condiments, among them the oil.

In Campania the olive tree extends from the areas closest to the sea at the inner where the high temperature range gives the Ravece olive varieties, grown nell'avellinese, special organoleptic characteristics make them so popular as to attain the certification of Oil Ravece of DOP.

Deserves particular mention of Montoro copper onions that besides having a high cooking resistance can boast unique organoleptic qualities that give almost all the traditional dishes of the bell, as the onion gets a little 'everywhere, aromas inimitable.

Montoro is also the home of the artichokes that generally is used to cook slowly roasted over coals, from which emanate a smell wonderful.

Worthy of note are the chestnut of Montella and that of Serino with which they prepare delicious dishes such as the chestnut, the lagane chestnut soup with chestnuts and mushrooms, pork with chestnuts ... etc..


The Campania also produces over one third of Italian hazelnuts, the region in the lion's share makes the province of Avellino that alone is 'worth' for 50% of regional production. With Campania's hazelnuts is made the famous Irpinia's nougat called "cupeto" from the Latin "cupped".


Best of all is her majesty the truffle of Bagnoli Irpino.

Known by the ancient Romans, it is regarded as the sentinel of the environment, it does not grow in polluted soil. For two thousand years is considered to complement the finest cuisine, appreciated for its unmistakable aroma Irpinia especially on fresh pasta made by hand.


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